Tourism industry professionals are ready to welcome you in optimal conditions

All Parisian tourism sector professionals are ready to welcome you in optimal sanitary conditions. In every sector, from transport to hotels, restaurants and event venues, everyone is mobilized to welcome you with the highest level of safety.

The ‘Caring Attitude’ charter created by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has already been signed by more than 500 actors in the event industry. In doing so, they pledge to adhere to the strictest health regulations, to train their employees in accordance with these, to adapt their services and facilities to encourage physical distancing, whilst remembering the values of welcome and benevolence that are the DNA of our destination. Thanks to this widespread engagement and mobilization of tourism professionals, everything is done to ensure you have a safe stay, in the best conditions, at every stage of your trip.

Where can I find places that have signed the Charter? On our websites, all the signatories of ‘Caring Attitude’ display the Charter’s logo on the page on which they are listed.

The commitments of the ‘Caring Attitude’ charter


  • Put in place and respect sanitary measures recommended by the French Public Health Agency.
  • Appoint a person to act as a referent for the health protocol, to ensure good practice within establishments.
  • Train staff to become familiar with these measures.
  • Adapt services to limit physical interaction (contactless payment, elimination of documentation, separate incoming and outgoing flow of people, etc.).


  • Guarantee the possibility of cancelling up to the last moment and getting a refund in the event of closure.

Proximity :

  • Convey a strong message of hospitality and kindness to every traveller.
  • Provide a warm welcome and the best customer responsiveness for an even more personalized service.
  • Promote the ‘Paris Attitude’ to give a unique and memorable experience.

All our teams are also on hand to make your stay a unique experience during which you will perhaps explore another Paris, through unusual, fun walks and outings, and activities to suit all your whims and wishes. And to help guide you along the way, our website (and for professionals) provides real time information on sanitary measures and on Parisian attractions (activities, openings/closings). Finally, our information point is open to answer your questions directly and enable you to enjoy the best of the French capital with complete peace of mind.