Leisure Tourism

The Leisure Tourism team puts travel agents and tour operators in contact with the best professionals in the capital.

Its in-depth knowledge of the market enables the Bureau to respond to the specific needs of its interlocutors. Every request is treated individually and receives a tailored response.
The PCVB continues to strengthen its presence in countries where there is a developing and structured tourist industry.
It also looks into essential markets for Paris: Australia, United States, Japan, Middle East and India, and follow the trends of Iran, Turkey and South Africa.

Calendar of Trade Shows :

26-27 september 2017 : MAP Pro in Paris

27-28 march 2018 :  Rendez-vous en France in Paris

For more information contact Ms. Elodie Berta.

The Paris Committee

In 1998, faced with the emergence of new markets (whose numbers by 2020 were expected to be high) with complex cultural habits, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau set up the Paris Committee with two objectives: firstly, to prepare the destination and its professionals for huge numbers of arrivals of new nationalities; and secondly, to establish Paris as a major destination with regard to local operators. Since 1998, the Paris Committee has been constantly evolving to adapt to the changes in distribution channels and to the ever more marked presence of competitor destinations.

The Sales Manual

The sales manual presents the 96 partners of the Paris Committee 2016:

The Paris Committee Sales Manual 2017 is a professional publication produced by the Leisure Section of the Marketing Department and aimed especially at the Paris Committee markets (South East Asia, mainland China, South Korea, Mexico, Russia and CIS). It lists 110 sites in Paris and the region positioned on the Leisure and/or Business segment according to 4 categories: Leisure, Tours & Transport, Shopping and Accommodation. It is an essential tool for all foreign tour operators looking for new products and business contacts to initiate negotiations or develop existing relations.
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Calendar of 2018 Paris Committee overseas operations

In 2018, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau travels to meeet the travel trade professionals over workshops and meetings. Travel agents and tour operators are invited to join and meet the PCVB and its partners. For more information contact Ms. Patricia Barthélemy.

12-16 February: RUSSIA, UKRAINE

Kiev, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan

12-19 March: SOUTH-EAST ASIA

Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok


Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

16 April: HONG KONG

14-16 May: SOUTH KOREA

Seoul, Busan

17-18 May: TAIWAN


21 May: JAPAN


07-10 September: VIETNAM

Hanoï, Hô Chi Minh City

15-16 octobre : COLOMBIE


17-19 octobre : MEXIQUE

Mexico City

22-23 novembre : ESPAGNE


Contact the team

Patricia Bathélémy - Leisure Marketing Manager

+33 (0)1 49 52 42 60

Elodie Berta - Leisure Marketing Project Manager

+33 (0) 1 49 52 42 68