Event and handicap

All the keys to plan an adapted event to everyone and to make arriving in Paris easier for disabled people.

Planning an event in Paris adapted to everyone

As part of its policy to make leisure and business tourism adapted to everyone, the Bureau provides the keys to make arriving in Paris easier for disabled people. It indicates accessible places and activities in Paris, and helps you to plan an adapted event. ‘Disability’ information is available in English and French on our website PARISINFO.com.

How to get to and around Paris when you have a disability?

Handicap visuel guidage sol Gare de Lyon Paris

The website PARISINFO.com provides all the practical information needed to make arriving in Paris easier for disabled people as well as getting around Paris, once they are here.

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In Paris, what does tourism offer for people with a disability?

The website PARISINFO.com lists establishments and activities in and around Paris that are accessible to disabled visitors.

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Your event adapted for everyone

For people with reduced mobility
To welcome the public in the best conditions and enable everyone to take part, the first concern is to organize the event at a venue that is accessible to people with reduced mobility. The space must, at the very least, have the following features:
- Floor-level access, with ramp or lift;
- Wide and unobstructed areas to circulate;
- A lift to access upper levels;
- Facilities adapted to the sitting position (reception or cloakroom desks with lower section), toilet facilities with space and transfer bar, and equipped with a sink adapted for wheelchair users).
- Access to all areas where the event is held (meeting rooms, platforms, catering areas, terraces, etc.).

For people with sensory disabilities
Furthermore, it is also important that your event be adapted to people with sensory disabilities.
- For hearing-impaired people who wear a hearing aid: provide magnetic loops linked to the sound system in meeting/projection rooms.
- For deaf people: provide a French-sign-language interpreter and speech to text transcription. If a video is shown, it must be subtitled.
- For visually-impaired people: provide documentation in large characters and signage that is easy to see and read. Make magnifying glasses available.
- For blind people: eliminate all high and protruding obstacles where people circulate that cannot be detected by a walking stick; provide a tactile map of the area, documentation in braille, and audio description if a video is to be shown. Guide dogs must be allowed.

For people with a mental health problem
For people with a mental health problem, some features can improve the use of a venue:
- Simple, consistent and intelligible signage (pictograms appreciated);
- A space that does not provoke anxiety (easy to get around, low noise level, absence of dark areas, etc.).

To help you: facilities and service providers

Here are a few suppliers of facilities and services that can help make your event accessible to all publics (non-exhaustive list).

Removable ramp hire / platform lifts / autonomous electric stairlifts

Electric wheelchair hire (climbing stairs)

Electric scooters hire

Interpreter LSF (French Sign Language)

Magnetic loop / LSF (French sign language)/ Simultaneous transcription

Adapted event signage

Multi-sensory map

Braille transcription / Large characters

  • Braille & Culture
    Tel.: +33 (0)4 73 64 21 04 
    Braille & Culture
  • CRTH
    Also, possibility to put informations in the CRTH website for the people who don't read or not well
    Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 74 17 87 / Email: information@crth.org

Transport for disabled people

  • G7 taxis - G7 Access service
    Book a taxi G7 Access:
    Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 39 00 91 / g7.fr, rubrique "Book a G7" / Apps G7 Taxi
  • UberAccess
    Uber app: UberAccess