Why choose Paris for your eco-friendly event?

Paris is working on a daily basis to build the city of the 21st century; a city that is sustainable, inclusive, open, innovative and resilient. The French capital has many assets to make your eco-friendly events a success: a charter for eco-friendly events, the development of sustainable modes of transport, a climate and energy plan, a wide choice of service providers, etc.

Toiture végétalisée Palais de Chaillot Paris

Because City Hall encourages and values the holding of such events

In 2016, Paris City Hall produced a charter to encourage and help event organizers to reduce the environmental footprint of events, at every stage: the preparation, the event itself and post event. Failure to comply may result in the organizer being prohibited from submitting any new application in Paris for a period of one year. But the charter is also a tool for promotion, as the City Hall publicizes information on events that are committed to environmental sustainability.

The charter has 8 main objectives:

  • Sustainable event design
  1. Reduce the environmental footprint of the transport of people and goods.
  2. Minimize the use of energy resources.
  3. Favour the use of reusable and recyclable products and facilities.
  4. Reduce, sort and recycle waste.
  5. Favour sustainable catering.
  • Eco-communication and raising public awareness
  1. Establish an eco-friendly communication.
  2. Raise awareness about sustainable development issues.
  3. Know about, inform others of and compensate for the ecological footprint of the event.

Find out more:

Paris.fr / Charter for eco-friendly events (in French only)

Because Paris is involved in many sustainable development initiatives

Paris is committed to:

Eco-friendly event 6 commitments Paris

To adapt Paris to the challenges of the 21st century, some thirty integrated action plans are being implemented:

  • ‘Plan Climat Air Energie’ (‘Paris Climate Action Plan’) ‘towards a carbon neutral city and 100% renewable energies’ with more than 500 actions;
  • ‘Plan Paris Santé Environnement’ (‘Environmental Health Plan’)  to analyze environmental factors that are health risks and reduce their daily impact on Parisians;
  • ‘Plan Biodiversité’ (Biodiversity Action Plan) to increase planting in areas of Paris that are not built on and protect fauna and flora ;
  • Paris Land Use Plan, Bicycle Plan, Noise in the environment prevention plan, ‘Parisian Administrations Urban Mobility Plan’, Plan to improve river Seine water quality, Sustainable Food Plan, Plan to combat food waste, Paris’ pledge to combat social exclusion, Waste Prevention Plan, Circular Economy Plan, etc.

Paris' actions in favour of sustainable development in a few figures


  • 36 200 social housing units renovated or undergoing renovation in 2018
  • 240 municipal schools renovated (2 300 teqCO2 and 30 700 MWh saved/yr)
  • 50 000 m² of solar panels installed in 2018
  • 17% of energy consumed by the City comes from  renewable energies and energy recuperation
  • 23% energy reduction on public lighting (33 GWh saved)


  • 772 km of cycling routes in 2018
  • 95 000 Vélib’ journeys on average per day
  • 10 000 new bike parking spaces under construction
  • 1 000 charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Opening of the Parc Rives de Seine (10 ha) to give the Seine riverbanks over to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Deployment of the Bicycle Express Network, secure bicycle routes

Sustainable food

  • 37% of sustainable food served in institutional catering in 2016 (objective 50% in 2020)
  • 70% of fruit and vegetables served in canteens are seasonal and local (Île-de-France or less than 250 km)
  • 15 tons of fruit and vegetables saved from being thrown away, and given instead to charitable organizations


  • 70 kg less waste per inhabitant/year between 2006 and 2016
  • 72 731 tons of cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles sorted separately
  • 66 889 tons of glass recycled

Drinking water

  • 482 000 m3 of drinking water distributed per day, via a 2 119 km network
  • 53% from underground reservoirs 47% from the Seine and its tributaries
  • 86% of consumers appreciate the quality of drinking water (2014)
  • 1 000 0000 quality measurements ensure that the 56 drinking water quality parameters are respected

Air quality

  • 68 air-quality measuring stations in Paris and Île-de-France, managed by Airparif
  • Ongoing communication on air pollution and allergy risk of pollens
  • 1st city to create a restricted traffic zone to prohibit the use of the most polluting vehicles


  • 2 000 wild species (animals and plants)
  • 500 public parks and gardens, 100 000 rows of trees, the Seine and canals
  • 100 ha of plant walls or plant roofs
  • 15 ha of urban agriculture

Health and environment

  • 0 chemical weedkillers in Paris parks and gardens
  • 1.5 million euro budget for the action plan against rats
  • -30% of the authorized threshold of exposure to electromagnetic waves

Circular economy

  • 2.9% of jobs in Paris
  • 7 billion euros in annual added value are generated
  • 2 750 tons of textiles reused or recycled
  • 15 upcycling points or Ressourceries® are open (generalists or specialists)

Citizen participation

  • 123 Neighbourhood Councils and several other themed bodies (Future Generations, Youth, Night, Students ...)
  • 5% of the investment budget is allocated to projects submitted and selected by inhabitants
  • The dynamic of the ‘Acteurs du Paris Durable’ website and the Maison des Acteurs du Paris Durable in Paris, to provide information and be a platform for dialogue and events

Social cohesion and solidarity

  • Encouraging gender equality between men and women
  • Support of elderly people, to age well in Paris
  • Improving accessibility for all in all spaces, buildings and public services
  • Readjustment in favour of working-class neighbourhoods
  • Help for refugees

Because the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau helps you find the best suppliers

PCOs, DMCs, spaces for private hire, hotels, catering services, transport, activities … The Bureau provides you with information on establishments and service providers that are committed to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices!

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