Why organize a green event?

Paris City Hall encourages the holding of green events throughout the city, i.e. events that reduce their impact on the environment, that are accessible to all, and that stimulate the local economy. Here are some basic principles and advantages of green events.

Basic principles

A green event, or eco-friendly event, is an event that is better for the planet, for the region and for its citizens. Promoting sustainable development is good, but integrating this element at each stage, from the design to the implementation of the event, is ideal!

Every event is unique. There is no magic formula for transforming a festival, a congress, a sporting event or company event into a green event. However, some simple and effective principles can be applied:

  • Communication with stakeholders (attendees, customers, venues and premises, municipality, partners, financing organisms, contributors, suppliers, subcontractors ...) in advance of the event. Based on their expectations and their level of knowledge of sustainable development, you will be able to adapt your offer, raise awareness, generate satisfaction, etc.
  • Constantly monitor new technologies, concepts and solutions, innovative and sustainably-designed products.
  • Avoid waste. In other words, be efficient. By identifying possible waste in advance, and quantifying needs, you will be able to plan as effectively as possible.
  • Reduce waste at source, reduce packaging, propose selective sorting, and make suppliers and subcontractors aware of their responsibilities.
  • Encourage the purchase of local products and services, and those with environmental and/or social recognition.
  • Apply rules for safety, hygiene and working conditions, both internally and with suppliers.
  • Ensure that people with disabilities can access and take part in the entire event.
  • Facilitate access by public transport or non-motorized forms of transport; provide information on existing options.
  • List and communicate the good practices you want to put into effect before and during the event, then analyse successes and difficulties after the event.

Planning ahead is therefore essential to the success of your green event. Other resources and information are available on this website.

The advantages of organizing a green event in 5 points

Eco-friendly event 5 advantages Paris

Find out more:

Paris City Hall proposes a Charter to encourage event designers and organizers to develop practices that are more respectful of the public and the environment. Sign up to it!

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