Give your teams a boost at the start of the year with an original event

Good resolutions start now! Get the year off to a flying start by organizing a group activity or a relaxing break for your teams. Whether it's a wellness or fun activity or the discovery of a new skill, see our selection of activities below to motivate your teams at the beginning of the year.

Bécot, beautiful mornings

Bécot - Vue sur Sacré Cœur, Paris

To start the year on a high note, Bécot has the perfect recipe:  a combination ofsport, dance, a cocktail of vitamins early in the morning to beat the back-to-work blues. The morning consists of an activity of your choice (yoga, Pilates, meditation, or team challenge) followed by a dance session to your favourite type of music and an energy-packed breakfast. The perfect combination to set you up for a great day. Be it a one-off experience or a regular little wellness habit at the beginning of each month, you can choose the frequency and the location, either on your premises or at an events venue.

Pop In Events

Pop In Events - Paris

Pop In Events modernizes team-building events with a sled of innovative and fun activities. A unique urban hike with a roadbook, riddles and unusual challenges, a nature hike with more sporting challenges and, for more participants, a ‘jetlag’ activity to experience a change of scenery just a stone's throw from home in cosmopolitan multi-faceted Paris, or an urban orienteering activity in small teams to explore lesser-known districts of Paris.

Ecole Ducasse

Ecole Ducasse Paris Studio - Dressage tartare sans feu 8

Take a top-notch cooking, patisserie, or oenology class at the Ecole Ducasse! Situated in the 16th arrondissement, the school also welcomes informal meeting events and organizes tasting and cocktail workshops for groups of up to 150 people. You can liven up the class by combining it with an activity such as an escape game, a petanque or Molkky competion or even a yoga or dance class!


Wecandoo - Atelier artisan ébéniste, Paris  © Edouard Eyglunent

So, your New Year’s resolution is to try a new activity? Step into the shoes of a real artisan and find out more about their know-how during a specialist activity! Discover the worlds of ceramics, cabinet making, leather goods or even cheese making with Wecandoo, who invite you to their 200 m² space dedicated to the transmission of artisanal knowledge in team-building activities led by passionate artisans. What’s more, you’ll go away with your own unique object! For small groups (usually up to 6 people), the team-building activities take place directly in the workshop of the chosen artisan.


Honoré - Roulé cannelle, Paris

Do you know Pâtissology ? It is the art of tasting pastries through your five senses. Honoré offers you gourmet teambuildings, all in a friendly atmosphere, to learn or re-learn how to appreciate pastry tasting. Theme days, guided tasting courses or pastry classes, choose from a wide range of activities, whatever the size of your team.

The Shack

Le Shack - Bar restaurant, Paris

The Shack, a new multipurpose venue in the capital just a few steps from Opéra, provides 1,500 m² of space designed by Gustave Eiffel for your events. The ground floor is available for private hire and is ideal for cocktail receptions forup to 100 persons. In addition, 5 meeting rooms can host from 5 to 50 persons for a seminar. As well as offering private hire spaces, this unique venue offers a range of wellness activities, which could be coupled with your event. Choose from boxing, aerial yoga, sound meditation or Zumba … whatever your team enjoys most!

Promenade des Sens

Atelier des Sens

Specializing in activities that are that are full of discoveries and emotions, Promenade des Sens offers a raft of team-building activities. Perfume making workshops, chocolate or oenology activities, gourmet orienteering, patisserie classes, a workshop to discover the French art of living and table arts … Choose whatever captures your imagination from a large selection of activities.