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Catering is one of the areas in which there are the most standards and labels...

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The caterer is one of the best levers for change; the effect is visible and instant. Today, numerous caterers propose a range of ecodesigned options compatible with the most upscale events.

An eco-responsible caterer is pro-active at all levels:

• Reduction of waste: optimized quantities, a minimum of packing (biodegradable), a preference for tableware that is lasting (rather than disposable); 

• Sorting and reclamation of waste: recuperation of oils, composting;

• Selection of products that are: fair-trade, seasonal, from responsible farming, organic, from return-to-work companies or EA/ESAT, without endangered species (red tuna, swordfish, etc.);

• Optimization of transport and equipment;

• Help or privileged partnership with social service or humanitarian associations, etc.

Catering is one of the areas in which there are the most standards and labels. A non-exhaustive list includes: ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001,  Diversité label, Origine  France Garantie, AB, Bio Cohérence, MSC, AOC, AOP, Label Rouge, Rainforest Alliance, Bleu Blanc Coeur, Demeter, Max Havelaar, Bio Equitable/Solidaire, Nature & Progrès.

Before choosing an eco-responsible caterer, you should ask several questions:

• Do you comply with a policy, a charter, commitments in favour of sustainable development?

• What initiatives do you take in terms of the reduction of wastage and waste, responsible consumption, and quality and security?

• Can the menus be adapted?  What proportion of local products (<200 km) and seasonal products do your offer?

• What is your opinion on social policies (discrimination, training, working conditions)?

• Among the events to which you have contributed over the last six months, what percentage involved sustainable development elements.

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