Eco-responsible venues

Find the eco-responsible events venue that meets your requirements

An eco-responsible venue is an events venue or a conference centre that has a policy to continuously improve  its economic, environmental and social performances. This may consist of small acts (awareness raising, low-energy-consumption lighting, etc.), as well as major ones (renovation of insulation, collection and upgrading of waste at all levels, recuperation of rainwater, etc.). 

Standards and labels now exist and are continuing to increase: ISO 20121 (expected for June 2012),ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, European Ecolabel, the Diversité label, the ‘Charte qualité etdéveloppement durable’ of France Congrès, HQE, BBC, Green Globe and Earth Check.

To find the eco-responsible events venue that meets your requirements, several aspects should be taken into account when you compile your technical requirement specifications:

• Ease of access to public transport, on foot, by bicycle, access for physically-disabled people; 

• Eco-respectful buildings (ideally accredited with a label): optimization of energy and water management, sorting and reclamation of waste; 

• Services offered and/or service providers listed with a sustainable development approach (catering,  layout, transport, etc.); or at least, ways of taking into account your responsible development requirements;

• Policy, charter, commitments in favour of the sustainable development of the venue;

• Access to rooms with natural daylight (when a video projector is not required)

• Respect, updating, and regular putting into effect of health and safety rules;

• Internal and external communication on eco-responsible aspects.

See below the members of the Convention Bureau with an official standard or label or with a sustainable approach.