Standards and labels

Discover the most useful standards and labels for eco-event planners

Standards and labels the most useful for eco-event planners

NameGoalsApplicable domain
ISO 20121Standard – Event sustainability management systemsPCO, agencies, company events service, venues, events service, etc.
ISO 14001 Standard – Environmental managementCongress centres and venues, hotels, caterers,manufacturing, special events and activities, incentives, etc.
ISO 9001Standard – Quality Management SystemCongress centres and venues, hotels, caterers,manufacturing, transport, special events and activities, incentives, etc. 
ISO 26000Standard – Guidelines on social responsibility –Socially responsible actions in businesses and by stakeholdersNot a certification standard. Evaluation possiblewithin the frame of reference created by certain certification organizations.
OHSAS 18001Occupational Health and Safety Management SpecificationAll
Ecolabel EuropéenEuropean EcolabelVenues, services, furniture, electrical appliances,clothes, paper, cleaning and hygiene products
NF EnvironnementFrench ecological certification, reduced impact on the environment Furniture, electrical appliances, clothes, paper, cleaning, decoration and hygiene products
Label DiversitéLabel – Promotion of diversityAll (human resources)
Charte qualité et développement durable Sustainable development charterConference centres whose city is a member of France Congrès
HQELabel – Standard for green buildingBuilding (construction, renovation)
BBCLabel – Low-energy consumption BuildingLow-energy consumption Building (construction, renovation)
Clé VerteLabel – Environmental managementEnvironmental management of tourism accommodation
Green Globe  LLabel – Sustainable managementSustainable management in travel and tourism industry
Earth CheckLabel – Environmental management in travel and tourist industryEnvironmental management in travel and tourist industry
ABLabel – Organic farming FoodOrganic farming Food
PrestaDD Sustainable development brand elaborated by SynpaseTechnical service providers (shows and events) members of the union Synpase
Tourisme et HandicapLabel for information on disabilityAccommodation, tourism services, special events and activities / incentives