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Give your business event some life with the treasure hunts of Quiveutpister Paris. Every day of the year, Quiveutpister offers team-building activities mixing fun, discovery and teamwork. Head to the starting point where an activity leader will be waiting for you. They will introduce themself as an undercover investigator and tell you that they have been unable to solve a case and that they will need your help to crack it. In teams of 4 to 6 participants, you will follow the trails of the inveestigation's main characters and look for clues. You will then collect your findings and connect the dots to shed light on the whole affair. The treasure hunts of Quiveutpister Paris are available in around 15 Parisian neighbourhoods, from Montmartre to Saint-Germain-des-Prés and passing by the Marais and the Opéra Garnier.
Every day of the year subject to availability.
Clients Leisure groups, Target individuals, School groups, Business groups
Description of leisure groups
Take part in a fun, touristic, cultural activity with the treasure hunts of Quiveutpister Paris. According to your targets and expectations, Quiveutpister offers you treasure hunts adapted to your needs. From the Palais Royal to Montmartre passing by the Panthéon and the Marais district, you can investigate in some of the Frenhc capital's most iconic spots! Available every day of the year, Quiveutpister's offers suit all tastes and requirements.
Description of school groups
Quiveutpister Paris offers treasure hunts for school groups. In pedestrian areas with an adapted scenario and accessible questions, the treasure hunts of Quiveutpister Paris are accessible for school groups of children ages 12 and over. Treasure hunts are the perfect activity for discovering well-known and lesser-known locations in a fun and lively atmosphere. Available every day of the year subject to availability. Groups of 10 or more participants.
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Type of visit

  • Walks, districts
  • Themed itineraries

Detail of thematic tours

Enquête policière

Theme of visit

  • Treasure hunt, urban orienteering, escape game

Mode of transport

  • On foot

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75 Paris

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Accessibility information

Physical disability: circuit adaptable for wheelchair users (notably without steps).
Hearing impairment: staff are trained to welcome and accompany hard-of-hearing participants.