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Secret Journeys

NC - 75 Paris


Secret Journeys invites you to discover new places in and around Paris with the help of passionate and exciting experts, most of whom come from the world of journalism. In addition to the high-quality journalistic commentary and the meticulous choreography of each experience, we open doors and spaces that are closed to the general public, and enable you to meet the people who bring the places we visit to life.
Clients Target individuals, Business groups
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Languages spoken

  • English

Visit with

  • With a tour leader

Type of visit

  • Themed itineraries
  • Tailor-made

Theme of visit

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Exclusive visit

Mode of transport

  • On foot

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Secret Journeys

75 Paris
Tel.. +33 (0) 6 30 80 66 51

Offer adapted to disabled visitors

  • Physical Physical

Accessibility information

Motor disability:
- For vehicular visits, wheelchair accessible transport
- Maximum capacity for wheelchair users at any one time: 1