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Bécot has created "Le Bécot" – the feel-good morning – based on 3 big themes:

• The morning: whether it is during the week or the weekend, a good day always begins with quality morning time . Bécot will do everything to enable you to enjoy your daily life as much as you can.
• A positive and curious state of mind: with a true willingness to be part of a new experience, to meet nice people and to allow yourself some time to make you feel very good.
• The danse: the Bécot is also the perfect occasion to celebrate often and differently.

Today, Bécot should be seen as a little gift to your employees (to begin the week properly) that is going wake them up nicely, boost their day and make them ready to have a great week.

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75 Paris

Sustainable development approach

Bécot events are created with local partners, living nearby. Bécot also works with VSEs to promote their development.

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