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Rêveries Sonores, Concerts sur-mesure

NC - 75 Paris


Rêveries Sonores® organises concerts sur-mesure at the venue of your choice.
Make a lasting impression by organizing an event within the event: Wrap your audience in a musical bubble that your guests will remember for a long time!
The concert will serve as a great surprise and be perceived as a wonderful way to thank them for their commitment!
Selection of musical program, number of artists, staging... Specify your preferences and we take care of everything!
Rêveries Sonores aims to extend the boundaries of classical music. Why not organise concerts with artists from diverse musical horizons, and mix music with other art forms ? Visual or digital art, gastronomy, street art, dance, fashion... Possibilities are endless! For your perfect musical event, we will find the musicians that are in sync with your specific needs and create the musical bubble of your dreams. Our address book is filled with countless virtuosos and brilliant artists ! Renowned chamber musicians, musicians from acclaimed symphony orchestras, winners of international competitions who,for one evening, will be entirely devoted to your event.
Other good reasons for organizing your musical event :
-Helping the audience recharge their batteries and get intimate with music.
-Perpetuating French art-de-vivre through the legacy of music salons because music salons used to be quite chic and wonderful!
Year agency created 2020
Priority markets North Africa, South Africa, Germany, South America, Argentine, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benelux, Brazil, Chile, China, Korea, United States, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Israel, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland
Clients Leisure groups, Business groups
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Rêveries Sonores, Concerts sur-mesure

75 Paris
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