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This day artfully reveals all the capital’s best fashion secrets to you

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This day artfully reveals all the capital’s best fashion secrets to you: a unique occasion to immerse yourself in Parisian chic, that je ne sais-quoi, which makes all the difference!

To start the day in style, Elytour takes you for a delicious breakfast at the Plaza Athénée, avenue Montaigne, the most chic of Parisian palaces, the opportunity to revel in the history of the origins of French haute couture and enjoy tasting the pastries of Christophe Michalak, world champion of cakes and pastries.

Your expert fashion guide will reveal the secrets of new collections to you and take you to visit the luxury boutiques of the big names in Parisian fashion on the famous avenue Montaigne.

More is revealed as the tour continues with a visit to a Parisian workshop that is a supplier of haute couture.

After lunch in a restaurant that is one of the favourite of fashionistas, you will enjoy a retro photo session at the Studio Harcourt that will plunge you into the golden age of cinema. You will be served a cocktail to sip as you listen to a presentation of this famous photographic studio with its rich heritage.

We are waiting to show you this unique world, full of excitement and know-how!

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Enthusiasm and authenticity are the main ingredients of the know-how of Elytour Paris. We are your professional partner in the organization of your events in France and in Paris so that each congress becomes a memorable occasion. From a search for the best hotel to the organization of your programme of visits and the best transport solutions, Elytour offers you a personalized original and bespoke service.

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Enthusiasm and authenticity are the key ingredients of Elytour's expertise. We provide you with professional support when......