Prestigious events at the Philharmonie de Paris

The Philharmonie de Paris can be privatized outside of its programmed schedule, notably the symphonic Grande Salle with exceptional acoustics (2,400 to 3,650 seats)

Philarmonie extérieur

Opened in January 2015 in the Parc de La Villette, the Philharmonie de Paris expands the Cité de la Musique’s concert hall offer, making Paris one of Europe’s music capitals).
Its credo: artistic excellence and openness to new audiences, thanks to affordable prices and a creative, eclectic programme of classical, baroque, dance, jazz, world and contemporary music, etc. Concerts, shows for young audiences, interactive concerts for families and workshops are all on offer. The public is invited to make the space their own and discover music in their own way.

Privatization of the spaces


The different spaces of The Philharmonie de Paris are adapted to all kind of events.

This superb architectural achievement can be privatized outside of its programmed schedule:

  • Grande salle : 2 400 to 3 650 seats
  • Conference room : 200 seats, for seminar or business presentation
  • Learning space : 1 800m², with  spaces for collective and individual practices, a recording studio an a pic-nic room. Exhibition space: 800 m², for temporary exhibitions adapted to musical programmation
  •  Restaurants : a panoramic restaurant and a bar

Address : 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

Website :