Paris, the world’s most admired city

According to the latest study by Anholt GFK City Brand Index, the French capital holds the number one spot as the world’s most admired city, beating both London and New York. (Paris was a previous winner in 2011 but fell to third place in 2013).

The study consists of a survey of some 6,000 individuals (living in China, India, South Korea, Australia, the United States and Great Britain) in an attempt to find out about their opinions of 50 international cities. The survey is based on 6 key criteria measuring the attractiveness and appeal of each city’s image. These are:

- Presence (the city’s international reputation)
- Place (the city’s physical aspect, accessibility and transport system)
- Pre-requisites (the quality of public amenities and accommodation)
- People (friendliness, cultural diversity, safety)
- Pulse (the city’s vibrancy, interesting activities and events on offer)
- Potential (the range of economic and educational opportunities)