10 must-see Parisian exhibitions in 2017

Check out our top 10 Parisian exhibitions that everyone will be talking about in 2017! Works by many great artists such as Picasso, Rodin, Vermeer, Dalida,... will be showing in Paris. A vibrant cultural programme to enjoy!

With exhibitions of sculpture, painting, photography, architecture, video, installations, the sciences, civilization ... galleries and museums have lots in store for 2017! Every year, iconic venues in the Capital play host to exhibitions, many of which are international. We unveil our top 10 so that you’ll not miss out on the first-rate exhibitions for 2017 during a trip to Paris! And as most Parisian museums and monuments are available for private functions, why not take advantage of the occasion to plan your professional meetings and receptions (conference, cocktail party, dinner, etc.) there? An ideal opportunity to bring colleagues, suppliers and clients together in a magical place, when venues are closed to the public.

1 - Maurizio Cattelan, Not Afraid of Love - Monnaie de Paris        

Until 8 January 2017

Exposition Cattelan - Monnaie de Paris

Major works by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelanare on show at the Monnaie de Paris. According to the artist, Not Afraid of Loveis the creation of new things from former artworks, thus showing their living character and their capacity to be able to surprise and fascinate.  In the Salon d’Honneur, sitting over the edge, Tamburino (2003) and his drum invites us to look at one of the artist’s greatest works: La Nona Ora (1999). This exhibition is also a reflection on the great questions of humanity: love, evil, the void, absurdity, infinity…

Private hire

The Monnaie de Paris, one of the oldest French institutions, hosts your professional events in its prestigious spaces. Climb the staircase to reach the grand Salon d’Honneur Guillaume Dupré (188 m²) hung with majestic chandeliers. The latter can host up to 190 people for dinner and 400 people for a cocktail reception. Moreover, 8 modern reception rooms are available for smaller meetings or seminars. On the 6th floor a large modular reception room, which can be arranged to suit your requirements, and a terrace are available.
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2 - La Pente de la rêverie - Maison Victor Hugo     

Until 30 April 2017

La Pente de la Rêverie - Victor Hugo


The exhibition La Pente de la rêverie, titled after one of the great visionary poems of Victor Hugo, pays a fine tribute to the poet. The entire poem is elucidated step by step, verse by verse. It is available to the public in the museum on a digital app. A series of works by Piranesi, John Martin, François de Nomé and Victor Hugo himself attest to the visions of fantastic architecture which the artist referred to in order to write his poem.

Private hire

The Maison de Victor Hugo, with a surface area of 280 m², offers many possibilities for private hire of the Red Room and the Chinese Room: breakfast (daily until 10am), photo/film shoots, seminars and talks (Monday only from 8am). For an exclusive evening function, visit the museum as a VIP for a cocktail reception, from 6pm (180 people). The first floor (250 m²), laid out according to the latest exhibition, can also host your events. Its spaces can include the apartment or not.
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3 - Faites vos jeux ! Quand les maths s’en mêlent -  Palais de la Découverte

Until 27 August 2017  

Exposition Quand les maths s'en mêlent

The exhibition Faites vos jeux ! Quand les maths s’en mêlent (Make your Bets! When Maths Steps in) that will be held at the Palais de la Découverte presents forty or so fun maths-based activities for children and adults: dice, heads or tails, roulette, lottery, secret codes. With a raft of visual, sound, IT and collaborative experiments, the exhibition examines the role of chance, probability and chaos in daily life, games, culture, cryptology, etc. 

Private hire

A monument with a rich historical heritage, the Palais de la Découverte is an ideal venue for your prestigious events. The Rotunda (455 m²), with its magnificent sculpted cupola, can accommodate up to 300 people for a cocktail reception or for a sit-down dinner.  The area around the Rotunda (200 m²), available for private hire separately or in conjunction with the Rotunda, can host 100 people for a cocktail reception. You can also organize your conference in the conference room (180 m²). Room 13, which may be hired separately or in addition to the conference room, hosts 80 people for a cocktail reception or breakfast. To introduce your guests to astronomy, meet at the planetarium (200 seats), a space that lends itself to product launches and press conferences. And the amphitheatre of electrostatics (118 m²) can host up to 120 people.
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4 - Vermeer et les maîtres de la peinture de genre au Siècle d’or - Musée du Louvre

From 22 February to 22 May 2017

La Laitière - Musée du Louve

‘The Sphinx of Delft’: this reference to Vermeer gives an enigmatic and solitary image of the painter. The Musée du Louvre devotes an exhibition to the painter to whom we owe the famous paintings Girl with a Pearl Earring  and The Milkmaid.  You will learn about the influence of the dynamic rivalry between the painter and his contemporaries on his painting between 1650 and 1675.

Private hire

A fortress, a royal residence, a city of artists then a museum, the Musée du Louvre contains a whole range of rooms that recount almost a thousand years of history and art. Right in the heart of Paris, it offers a prestigious setting for your private events for 50 to 3,000 people in the evening. Many configurations are possible: under the Pyramid for a grand event (up to 1,500 guests for a sit-down dinner and up to 3,000 for a cocktail buffet), in the Sully rotunda (up to 350 people for a cocktail party) near to the temporary exhibitions, in the Café Mollien and Café Richelieu with a stunning view of the Pyramid, or in the auditorium (420 seats). So many magical places for your gala evenings, prize-givings, private concerts or company anniversaries. Not to mention a private visit of the permanent collections, which cover 73,000 m², for a privileged experience!
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5 - Olga Picasso - Musée national Picasso-Paris                

From 21 March to 3 September 2017

Exposition Olga Picasso - Musée  national Picasso

The Musée National Picasso-Paris is devoting an exhibition to the years that Pablo Picasso spent with his first wife Olga Khokholva, a ballet dancer at the Ballets Russes company. A rich selection of paintings, drawings, photographs and written archives seeks to put into perspective some of Picasso’s major works against the personal history of the couple. The exhibition will occupy two floors of the museum (around 800 m²).

Private hire

The Hôtel Salé, which houses the Musée National Picasso-Paris, offers a stunning setting for your prestigious events, a unique opportunity to discover world-renowned works by Picasso. For your morning events, you can hire the museum restaurant for up to 50 people (100 people with the 40 m²-terrace) or the Aile des Communs space, in the grand entrance hall, accommodating up to 400 people for a cocktail reception and 110 people for a sit-down dinner. Your events (cocktail or dinner) can be preceded by a tour of the museum’s diverse collections.
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6 - Rodin, l'exposition du centenaire - Grand Palais

From 22 March to 31 July 2017   


Exposition Rodin - Grand Palais

With its exhibition Rodin, l'exposition du centenaire (Rodin, The Centenary Exhibition), the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais pay tribute to Auguste Rodin, the father of modern sculpture. Before Matisse and Picasso, he invented the unfinished work and partial figure, before Brancusi and Man Ray, he re-thought photography. This exhibition is also a unique approach to his work, in relation to that of other artists.

Private hire

The Grand Palais offers various options for private hire for companies: Cultural mornings: your guests (up to 300 people) meet in the Hall d’Honneur of the Galeries Nationales or in the Salon Clemenceau and have the opportunity to visit the museum from 8am to 10am. There are 2 options for the evening:  the grand soirées on Tuesday (closing day for the public) from 7pm (up to 1,200 people) and on late night opening days (up to 3,000 people) from 7.30 pm followed by a visit to the exhibition from 10pm. Meeting facilities are also available: the Grand Auditorium (338 seats) and the Studio Clemenceau (63 seats). Organize an important reception in the Salon d'Honneur (1,200 m²) or in the Galerie Sud-Est (650 m²). For smaller-sized events, opt for the Foyer (290 m²), the Mezzanine (260 m²), or the Hall d’Honneur (150 m²). Request an estimate

6 - Jamaica, Jamaica ! De Marley aux deejays

From 4 april to 13 August

Exposition Jamaica Jamaica

Reggae, yes, but far more! Lying in the middle of the Caribbean, the small island of Jamaica has had an indisputable influence on the history of music. Through its exhibition Jamaica Jamaica! from Marley to the deejays, the Philharmonie de Paris retraces the story of Jamaican music.  In addition to archive items, photographs and films from private collectors and major museums in Jamaica, the United States and Britain, see pieces from unique collections such as King Tubby’s console or Joe Higgs’ guitar.

Private hire   

The different spaces of The Philharmonie de Paris are adapted to all kind of events. This superb architectural achievement can be privatized outside of its programmed schedule:

  • Grande salle : 2 400 to 3 650 seats
  • Conference room : 200 seats, for seminar or business presentation
  • Learning space : 1 800m², with  spaces for collective and individual practices, a recording studio an a pic-nic room.
  • Exhibition space: 800 m², for temporary exhibitions adapted to musical programmation
  •  Restaurants : a panoramic restaurant and a bar

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7 - Dalida, sa garde-robe de la ville à la scène – Palais Galliera – Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

From 8 April to 13 August 2017

Palais Galliera - Musée de la Mode de Paris

You won't want to miss out on one of the most splendid wardrobes of the 1960s to the 1980s, that of Dalida, the famous Egyptian-born singer of French chanson. The star, who had a wonderful curvaceous figure and glamorous good looks and style, loved fashion and couturiers loved her. She was dressed by the greatest fashion designers such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Azzaro, Carven … wearing gowns and sequined disco era dresses to dazzling effect. See the many outfits worn by the star in the exhibition Dalida, sa garde robe de la ville à la scène (Dalida, her wardrobe from town to stage), which will be held at the Palais Galliera.

Private hire    

Housed in a Renaissance-inspired palace, the Palais Galliera - Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris, a few steps from the Champs-Elysées, has reception rooms and galleries for hire for your prestigious events. In fine weather, you can receive your guests in the courtyard and the colonnaded porch overlooking the garden. Enjoy an incomparable view of the Eiffel Tower.
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8 - Maurice Denis, un musée en hommage à Eugène Delacroix - Musée national Eugène Delacroix       

From May to August 2017

Exposition Hommage à Cézanne

Maurice Denis played a crucial role in saving the last studio of Delacroix in Place de Fürstenberg from destruction and turning it into a museum. As president of the ‘Friends of the Eugène Delacroix Association’ his commitment was decisive. The exhibition Maurice Denis, a museum in tribute to Eugène Delaxroix (A museum in tribute to Eugène Delacroix) highlights theadmiration that Denis and his friends, Henri Matisse, Edouard Vuillard and Paul Signac (all born after the death of the artist) had for the work of Eugène Delacroix. It has outstanding loans from French and foreign museums, including the painting Homage to Cézanneby Maurice Denis (Musée d'Orsay). Don't miss the rich programme of readings, conferences and concerts linked to the exhibition, in the last workshop, and apartment of the artist.

Private hire

The Musée national Eugène Delacroix provides a charming and intimate setting for your private events up to 80 people. Enjoy  the cosy atmosphere of the painter’s apartment in the course of a private visit. And don’t miss the delightful garden available for private hire (400 m² including 100 m² of modular space). The painter’s studio (100 m²) is also available for you professional meetings.
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9 - Balthus, Derain, Giacometti – Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

From 2 June to 29 October 2017   

The exhibition  Derain, Balthus, Giacometti  will be showing at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. A collection of some 200 works retraces the key moments of this artistic friendship of the 20th century. Several themes run through the exhibition: the journey to Italy, the fascination with the ‘profession’, the cultural vision, and the ‘return to the museum’. A chronological and themed layout reveals the great landscape and still life works, as well as various portraits of actors, collectors, gallerists common to them all ... Finally, there is a series of their post-war works.

Private hire

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris has 4 reception spaces for companies to hire ranging from 200 m² to 500 m². Your event can take place outside museum opening hours: every day except Monday, from 6pm for a cocktail reception (600 people) or dinner (200 people). You can also invite your guests or colleagues for breakfast (200 people) from 7am to 10am. For a daytime event, the reception areas are available for private hire only on Monday, when the museum is closed to the public. To give your event even more prestige and surprise your guests, you also have the option of visiting the museum’s permanent collections or temporary exhibitions (up to 200 people) before 10am or after 6pm.
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