Reach for the Stars at the Atelier des Sens

The Atelier des Sens, which has been offering cookery courses since 2004, is taking you on a new thrilling and flavoursome adventure, mixing intrigue and gastronomy with Cooking Clues.

L'Atelier des Sens - Cours de cuisine - Groupe et individuels, Paris © OTCP

The concept? A cookery course interspersed with puzzles to solve, during which your mission is to retrieve your three ‘Duchemin’ stars, lost by apprentice chefs. Cryptic messages, a risotto to watch, combination codes to crack, and cabbage to poach to perfection … Meet all the challenges to get the ultimate reward: tasting dishes around a friendly table. An original teambuilding event with a 2-hour workshop and a 1hr30 tasting session, for 5 to 45 people, enabling you to learn how to cook and have a fun time!

L'Atelier des Sens - Bastille, Paris © OTCP

The Atelier des Sens offers you other packages in both French and English to stimulate the senses of your colleagues, reinforce team spirit, or build relationships with your clients with its three Parisian workshops: ‘team cooking’, for up to 45 people, ‘cooking games’ such as creating a dish from a mystery basket of fresh ingredients, the ‘trail’ package to alternate workshops and tastings for up to 100 people, or seminarsfor up to 50 people in theatre layout. And if you prefer a Parisian rooftop, a boat, or the lobby of your own company, it’s not a problem: the chefs can come to you!

L'Atelier des Sens

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10 rue du Bourg-l'Abbé, Paris, 75003

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