25hours bound for the Gare du Nord!

The contemporary German brand 25hours opens its first hotel in Paris, opposite the Gare du Nord! As at the chain’s other hotels, the decor is trendy and colourful, echoing the cosmopolitan district where it has taken up residence ...

25hours Hotel Terminus Nord chambre

Positioned at a true cultural crossroads, the establishment has taken its inspiration from the inhabitants of the 10th arrondissement for its interior decor. In the 237 guest rooms (from S to XL), some with a view of Montmartre, nothing is left to chance to invite guests on a world trip. The bed linen is made with traditional African wax fabric, recalling the African boubou garments you can see around Château Rouge; the poster on the main wall of each room is a nod to the large Tamil community of La Chapelle; the traditional tagine dishes, dear to the Maghreb community, serve as sinks in the bathrooms ... In the common areas, colourful frescoes, Asian lanterns and colourful prints blend together in perfect harmony.

25hours Hotel Terminus Nord Business Corner

Two high-tech meeting rooms, with a capacity to host 8 and 14 people, welcome workshops, presentations and team-building events. For good food fans, the NENI (116 seats) serves cuisine with Israeli-Mediterranean accents in a festive atmosphere, and will soon have a space dedicated to events. For a relaxing after-work event, the Sape Bar, on the same floor as the restaurant, offers a potent cocktail menu, designed by internationally-renowned bartender Jorg Meyer. Next to the Sape Bar, a speakeasy can host 10 people for cocktails in a private atmosphere.

The 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord reflects the success of a trendy hotel with an affordable price tag and vintage design.