Caring Attitude: the Paris tourism commitment charter

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has launched ‘Caring Attitude’, a charter for Parisian tourism industry professionals. Objective: sign up to a series of commitments to welcome visitors around a common set of values and in accordance with the health measures in force.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has worked closely with Paris tourism stakeholders and Paris City Hall to prepare for the recovery of tourism activity in the French capital.  It is due to this collective effort that the PCVB is launching the ‘Caring Attitude’ Charter, which expresses the commitment of establishments and partners that sign it to respect 7 pledges, such as the implementation of health and safety measures, ensuring all staff are trained in these new measures, and adapting services to respect physical distancing. Thanks to the collaboration of partners already involved, visitors will be able to confidently plan their stay in Paris. 

7 pledges for experiencing Paris carefree

  1. Tourism stakeholders ensure that the health measures recommended by the National Public Health Agency are implemented and complied with.
  2. A contact person for health protocol is appointed as a guarantor of good practice within establishments welcoming the public.
  3. Training in these new health measures is provided for the staff of these signatory establishments.
  4. Services are adapted to limit physical interaction (contactless payment, elimination of documentation, management of incoming and outgoing flows of people, etc.).
  5. Favouring of ‘Caring attitude’ partners to ensure the quality of the entire customer path.
  6. Favouring of flexible booking and cancellation conditions.
  7. Attachment to the values of welcome and benevolence of the City of Paris.

A new customer path for visiting Paris

At each stage of your trip, from your journey, to your first steps in Paris, the way you get around the city as well as your sightseeing and leisure activities are the object of all the attention of tourism sector professionals, who attach great importance to your well-being. This is the assurance of a supervised and quality customer path.

With us in these undertakings are players in the transport sector, like the Air France airline company, Paris Aéroport and the SNCF; they have taken exceptional measures to reinforce health and safety (taking temperature, placing markings on the floor, providing hand sanitizer, meticulous cleaning, etc.) to welcome you in the best conditions possible.

The RATP network (bus, tramway, metro, RER, etc.) has deployed rigorous safety measures for your daily journeys to meet two challenges: maintain both a sufficient level of service to provide continuity of travel and protect users with allowance for the required physical distancing; Parisian taxis have likewise adopted the ‘caring attitude’ with the compulsory wearing of masks.

But Paris is also a city committed to working towards sustainable mobility. More than ever, in this unprecedented period, it will be an opportunity to take a new look at the capital and discover Paris in a different way, using non-motorized forms of transport, accessible to everyone (cycling, Batobus, guided walking tours, etc.)

In this changing environment, Parisian establishments (hotels, local shops, cultural attractions, etc.) have shown great adaptability. They are reorganizing their spaces and services to limit physical interactions as much as possible (contactless payment, management of incoming and outgoing customer flows) and favouring flexible cancellation and booking conditions.

All our teams are working to ensure that your stay is a unique experience during which perhaps you may discover another Paris during unusual fun outings, and across a range of activities to choose from. To guide you during your trip, our website (and for tourism trade professionals) provides you with information on sanitary measures in real time and on tourism attractions in Paris (activities, openings / closures, etc.). Finally, our tourist information point is open to answer your questions and help you to take advantage of all the capital has to offer, in a relaxed frame of mind.

Paris is once again a welcoming city full of life, and wishes to share with you a more sustainable, more united Paris, a Paris that has many hidden facets that Parisians will be eager to reveal to you.

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