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Goût de/Good France

Spring 2021 (subject to modification)

Goût de France © DR


La Fête de la Gastronomie becomes Goût de/Good France festival in order to celebrate French gastronomy throughout the world. With its regional specialities and exceptional land, French gastronomy is a testament to the country’s world-renowned art de vivre. That's why the Goût de/Good France festival was created, calling on the whole world to pay homage to French cuisine.

The 2019 edition was based on sustainable cuisine and will celebrate Provence.

In more than 150 countries, all on the same day on March 21st, the restaurants of top chefs served up a meal made with typically French specialities.

In Paris, there was a big  Provençal banquet, designed by Gérald Passédat, and organized in the Village International de la Gastronomie, at the Eiffel Tower,  celebrating Provence.

In France, including Paris, the festivities were running from 21 to 24 March 2019 with banquets, workshops, picnics, round tables and more.

Please discover our selection by district of the Parisian restaurants taking part in the event and the activities letting you make the most of the experience!


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